Australian bisexual opens up about his mom putting him through conversion therapy



An Australian bisexual has spoken about being sent to conversion therapy by his mother as a child.

James explained to the New Zealand Herald his mother sent him to get electric shock therapy to ‘cure’ him of his bisexuality.

The name James is used to protect his real identity.

After he came out to his mother in his early teens, she took him to see a doctor who would ‘help’ him.

He was also forced to take strong sedatives: ‘I was given heavy drugs. I didn’t like taking them because they made me feel exactly that – heavy. They told me I would die if I didn’t take them.

‘I showed the drugs to one of my teachers at school, who explained they were strong sedatives. Bearing in mind that my mother would suggest taking Valium if you ever told her you were sad, turning to medication made sense to her.’

‘An “intervention”‘

‘When I stopped taking the medication, there came what they called an “intervention”. The man would ask me questions. I knew he was trying to win my trust, so I played the game and nodded when I thought he wanted me to agree.’

James then gave a detailed recount of his experience of shock therapy.

In the article he says the ‘therapy’ was intended to try and turn him into someone else. He felt like a burden.

‘So, when they told me to sit still in the chair I did it. When they strapped me down, I didn’t resist. When they put something in my mouth for me to bite on, I nodded quietly as tears ran down my cheeks,’ James explained.

James is now 32. He is still impacted today by his mothers decision and has only seen her twice in the past few years. She ‘won’t acknowledge the incidents’ and has not apologized for what she did.

Since joining a group called Blokes Advice, James for the first time feels as if he has found people who care.

You can read the whole article here.

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