Blurred Lines Series – Invited Into Your Closet

Blurred Lines Series – Book 1 – Invited into Your Closet


Lost in a world of sappy romance since the age of nineteen, bestselling romance author, Miranda Howarth’s career has been crushed by a market flooded with erotica for women. She is forced to stray from not only her innocent genre but from her comfort zone while writing what she never imagined she would – erotic gay romances.

Miranda’s new love interest, criminal lawyer, Spencer Hayes, is hotter than anything she writes for women. Spencer can fulfill Miranda’s wildest dreams, blanketed with the romance she covets, and he has the ideal circle of friends to provide Miranda what she requires professionally.

Introduced to Corbin Macintyre and Mark Castille, a sexy, successful, and monogamous gay couple, Miranda navigates a world she knows nothing about to salvage her writing career.

Mark and Corbin are stable, honest, and in love; everything Miranda adores. Corbin is a romantic at heart, and the couple is exactly what Miranda needs to make her romance sappy and her erotica pop. But Miranda’s saviours are the snag in Spencer’s strategy. His long-time friends hold every one of his secrets – the ones that paint a darker fairy tale than Miranda’s idealistic mind is ready for – secrets that will spear Corbin and Mark squarely in the heart when they are forced to choose sides as Miranda’s fairy tale unravels on the steps of their protected Victorian home.



First in a series of three blended erotic romances, Invited into Your Closet is a classy full-length work of steamy m/m and m/f set in Toronto, Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula.


Release date November 21, 2017

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Peyton found her love of reading later than most. Sadly, at thirty, she could count the number of books she had read for enjoyment on one hand. But she has more than made up for it in the last fifteen years.

Spurred on by the romance in the Twilight series, she found herself sucked into the romance section, however, the bedroom door being constantly slammed shut was irritating. It forced Peyton into the erotic romance section of the bookstore, finding full access to the intimate parts of love much more enjoyable.

Having exhausted that section of talented writers, and trying her hand at a few straight erotic romances, she found herself again craving more variety and something new.

In sauntered m/m – buff and beautiful and sexier than any straight romance, and wow, she was hooked. Reading anything she could get her hands on, she loved the different feel to the stories and the cadence in the writing, plus the sex was hot, but yet, she was still wishing for something more. So she picked up the pen again and gave it a stab.

Instead of writing what the bookshelves were already flooded with, she wrote what the bookshelves were lacking – gay and straight romances, love and sex, blended into one book just as it is in real-life with deeper plots, scorching sex, realistic characters, and a sense of real time, real-life stories. She wrote what she wanted to read because she couldn’t find it anywhere else, because after all, necessity is the mother of invention.

Peyton is married and lives in southern Ontario with her high school sweetheart and two teenagers. She enjoys writing while outside, lounging in a Muskoka chair no matter what the Canadian weather brings, and her love of Canada and hockey keeps her novel settings genuinely Canuck, and the score usually in favour of the Maple Leafs.


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