It’s clear we have a battle on our hands


Last week began with Christopher Pyne’s comments that progress on marriage equality could come sooner than people think. As soon as it hit the media, LGBTI people and our lives were again used for political point scoring. It’s clear we have a battle on our hands.

But last week also gave us great examples of equality leadership. US citizens joyfully reflected on two years of equal marriage rights, while Malta began moving towards marriage equality by parliamentary vote. Then German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a change of heart on a conscience vote for marriage equality after a powerful conversation with a lesbian couple. By Friday Germany was celebrating.

If our politicians showed similar leadership by supporting a parliamentary vote on marriage equality, we could be celebrating with our friends, family, and neighbours by the end of August.

Chip-in to increase our community lobbying visits when Parliament returns in August.

This is possible! Backed by your community action, continued lobbying and countless conversations, we have reached the point where supportive politicians know it’s time for Parliament to pass marriage equality — and are now saying so publicly.

Together we must continue doing everything we can to push for a marriage equality vote. The next 4 weeks will be a crucial time for us, so let’s take the campaign to the next level before our politicians meet in August.

Chip-in to fund community campaign materials for delivery to marginal electorates.

Let’s start by pitching in to fund a range of political actions before they return to Parliament, including:

  1. Taking some of our most powerful voices — parents from this community — down to Parliament to directly lobby our elected representatives.
  2. Booking out new advertising space to get our equality message on air, blanketing billboards and TVs across the country.
  3. Producing community campaign materials for delivery to community campaigners in key marginal electorates.
  4. … and even more, as we work together to develop and fund new, targeted equality campaign actions.
Chip-in so we can cut through the political barriers and make marriage equality a reality!

It’s time for us to step-it-up and make sure our politicians know we expect this Parliament to deliver marriage equality. 

Thank you for all you do,

Alex Greenwich
The Equality Campaign

P.S. We need every Member of Parliament to understand why so many Australians support marriage equality — so make sure you send a message to your MP.

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