Fox News contributor Guy Benson goes viral saying sexuality is footnote to his conservatism


Fox News contributor Guy Benson released a video yesterday (22 January) for Prager University. In it, he discusses being gay and also being conservative.

The video is going viral, having already been viewed over 300,000 times. Prager U is a non-profit conservative digital platform. Despite its name, it is not an educational institution.

Benson first came out in 2015 in his book End of Discussion. In this new video, he talks about why being gay and conservative doesn’t matter together. He also touches on why his sexuality doesn’t define him and why he doesn’t cover LGBT issues.


Benson says it’s easy for him to be both gay and conservative, because his values are what define him.

Some of his values are shrinking the size of government, being pro-life, a strong military, and more.

He then says LGBT people on the left can be ‘bullies from time to time’ but that right-wing LGBT individuals are not alone.

‘It’s up to each of us to decide what our political priorities are and who we are as people. It’s just a permission slip.’

He ends the video saying: ‘It’s okay, let’s think critically and make our own decisions, and if we disagree, that’s fine too.’

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