Marriage equality bill


Breaking today: There are politicians who’ve been drafting legislation for marriage equalityThis is fantastic news — and you made this possible! The next step is to get a vote in Parliament, so any legislation can be discussed and passed.

Together we are at this point because of each and every one of you. When you contacted your MP, campaigned in your community, and talked with your friends and family about why Australia must pass marriage equality you proved to them we will not stop until marriage equality is the law of the land.

Contact your politician right now and ask them to allow a vote for marriage equality in August.

You are powering the campaign for change right now, and you will be the one to get this over the line:

  • Our work together led to the Australian Senate deciding marriage equality should be achieved by a vote in Parliament rather than by an unnecessary plebiscite.
  • Your passion and pressure led to Senators from the Liberal, National, Labor, Greens and Nick Xenophon parties forming a cross-party inquiry to examine what marriage equality legislation would look like in Australia.
  • Thousands of you mobilised to contribute to this inquiry — sharing what you wanted and expected from any legislation designed to deliver marriage equality.

The end result? A consensus report! After engaging widely with the LGBTI community, politicians proved that parties can come together and agree on a pathway forward for marriage equality now.

Let’s build on this bipartisan momentum — ask parliament to work together on a vote when they next meet.

Today’s news comes out of this Senate process and can be directly linked to the actions you’ve taken. Members from the Senate Committee have been hearing your message of urgency and working to turn their consensus view on legislation into something that can be passed by Parliament.

But drafting legislation is only the beginning. What we need now is for Parliament to allow for a marriage equality bill to be put to a vote — and that’s what our campaign together must focus on over the next four weeks.

Send a message to your MP today: It’s time for Parliament to vote for equality.

It’s time again to contact our MPs and Senators to tell them why you believe in marriage equality, and why you expect them to vote on this in August. Email, phone, or make an appointment to meet with your representative.

Our campaign will continue to build on the growing momentum to achieve marriage equality. We won’t stop until every Australian is treated equally under the law — make sure our politicians know this.

Thanks for all you do,

Alex Greenwich & Tiernan Brady
The Equality Campaign

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