Sunshine Coast Pride Network – Rainbow Formal

Sunshine Coast Pride Network is proud to announce the first LGBTIQ+ Rainbow Formal in Queensland.

It has been very noticeable over the last number of years, that schools have not created an inclusive an environment as they could for our LGBTIQ+ youth. After the success of New South Wales inaugural Fancy Formal last year, and the ongoing popularity of Minus 18s Queer Formal in Victoria, we believed it was time Queensland followed suit.  As an organisation that celebrates diversity, and encourages inclusion; we are hoping that this initiative will encourage schools across the State to ensure that their own Formals become more inclusive and accepting of all the students who attend.

“This idea is not to create exclusivity, and take students away; we want schools to see that there are many ways to encourage all students to be a part of their end of year celebrations, and that no one should be made to feel excluded, or uncomfortable”, states Fiona Anderson; Formal Organiser and Co-Chair of the Sunshine Coast Pride Network. “We are hoping schools will see the benefits and absorb this idea into the planning of Formals in the future.”

Sam Bouzanquet, Student Organiser says, “The formal makes me feel really excited, because it is a time for boys, girls and anyone in-between to be proud of who they are, in a school related environment, and it allows us to celebrate each other in a fun event, instead of marching for our rights or feeling sad about recent hate attacks. It allows us to be ourselves, with other teenagers our age.”

His Mum, Amanda, adds; “As a parent bringing the conversation about possibly being rainbow into teenage years is a great start in helping our kids lead a more authentic life; it’s ok to be who they are.  For us in country areas the struggle is finding those like yourself and being able to connect to each other in ways straight kids get to all the time. The school formal for rainbow adolescents could be a lonely occasion so the rainbow formal is sending confirmation that we support and love them unconditionally. Thank you Sunshine Coast Pride Network for taking on this initiative.”

Everyone is welcome, so come along with yourselves, your allies, your friends and be fabulous.  We are being hosted in the function room at the Innovation Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, on Saturday October 14th from 5:30pm.  Tickets can be bought through Eventbrite and we encourage friends, family and anyone else who can, to make a donation through the link to help students who may be in financial difficulties, to attend.


Fiona Anderson

Co-Chair Sunshine Coast Pride Network

0497 396 117

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